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Who should be elected?

August 5, 2007
(Posted at HisCalledOutAssembly)

Recent travels reminded me that many people are considering the question of who should be elected.

There are straw polls, candidate forums, numerous local appearances,
interviews, reports, campaign promotions, offers of free transportation
and lodging for attending events, and endless discussion at the local
coffee shops. This episode will continue for more than a year.

People have been choosing, electing, selecting, picking, appointing,
anointing, voting for their rulers throughout all of recorded history.

The Scriptures confirm that the Creator takes an interest in these
choices, and has made his own selection, choice, election of the One who will rule. That One is gathering those who have chosen or are choosing Him as their ruler. The Creator also chooses, elects as His people those who are united with the One He has chosen.

Translations of the Hebrew Scriptures sometime transliterate the word for "Chosen One" as "Messiah", and translations of the Greek Scriptures transliterate as "Christ". "Christ" is not a middle or last
name, but the designation of a status as a chosen one. Designating who is the chosen one is similar to designating who has been elected. Since the context is often the choice of a king, "Messiah" and "Christ"
usually meant one who had been elected to be a great ruler.

It puzzles me that those who claim to be well informed of the Scriptures and the meaning of the terms "Messiah" and "Christ" spend so much time and energy joining the discussions of who should be elected.

Nowhere do I find Scriptural evidence that those who choose The Christ as their ruler should choose any other man or woman to rule over them. I find much evidence to the contrary. Yet the process goes on. Life for many is much the same as in the time of Samuel and Saul.