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Termination of interest in real property

November  24, 2010

Below is a copy of a "miscellaneous" notice recorded at the local Register of Deeds on November 22.


Regarding the real property described as:

Lots 20 and 21, Block 11, Hutchinson Investment Company's Ninth Addition to the City of Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas, according to the duly recorded plat thereof.

May everyone know from this indenture that by signing our names below, we, John Steward of Jesus and Mary Steward of Jesus are declaring and witnessing that we hereby terminate, quit, relinquish, disclaim and cease recognition of any and all of our rights of interest in or related to the above described real property, now and forever.

The real property (real estate) described is an abstract entity, a legal mental construct, a part (subset) of the City of Hutchinson and Reno County, corporate political entities created and existing under and by virtue of the laws, authority and power of the State of Kansas, the creator and sovereign ruler of all entities it has fictitiously called into being.

Commonly thought of as associated with the abstract real property described above is land, a geographic part (subset) of the earth and the soil, water, and air comprising it, all created and existing under and by virtue of the laws, authority and power of the Almighty Creator and Sovereign Ruler of all things He has awesomely called into being, together with improvements left by previous real, living occupant creatures. With our knowledge, consent, and blessing, that land is being stood upon, occupied, inhabited, tilled, used and enjoyed in the kingdom of God, outside the jurisdiction of the State of Kansas, by participants in a local gathering of Christian believers as a congregation of the church of Jesus Christ, under the exclusive authority and jurisdiction of the Creator and His Elected Leader (Messiah, Christ), Jesus of Nazareth. May they enjoy His protection and blessing. We are signing this indenture in consideration of our desire to support and contribute freely to this gathering of Christian believers.

Done on November 22, 2010.

(signed, notarized, and recorded)