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"Drivers license issue"

March 16, 2008

Posted below are copies of a message I received through the Mailform of this site regarding my letters to officials regarding a drivers license (recorded here), and my response to the writer.

John,I have read over(and over and over)your correspondence in regard to the drivers license issue. Honestly it grieves my heart for I find it a discredit to the Spirit of Jesus Christ(especially to the unbeliever). The way I see it,its all about your "rights",twice in the first letter and three times in the second. A true servant of Jesus Christ doesn't have any "rights",he has given them up. The problem here is not the licensing dept. but your attitude of "I am different,I am from above,you are from below","these people are cursed,they don't know the law". I think they were patient with you until you drove them over the edge. I believe your philosophy is contrary to 1Peter3 and Rom13,and the heart of Jesus Christ himself.I do not see this as the heart of a true ambassador. Shame on you John.

My response:

Brother (name),

I appreciate the time and attention you gave to the web site
information, and your willingness to express your concerns to me.  I covet more such dialog.  Thank you.

After your telephone call I thought the focus of concern was whether applying for, receiving, and accepting a license from a secular state government could for some Christians create legitimate questions of conscience regarding the sovereignty of Jesus Christ.  I would be happy to pursue such matters with anyone desiring to do so.

Meanwhile, I will respond to the focus of your email, which seems to be my attitude and philosophy.

It is true that those who have chosen to be slaves of Jesus Christ have abandoned all their natural and legal rights.  Yet I believe that when we do so, our loving Father entrusts to us the permanent rights (which are also obligations) to continuously recognize Jesus as Lord and to worship and serve Him as He pleases.  I want to believe that you would agree.

If claiming Jesus Christ as Lord means claiming to be "different" and "from above", then I am guilty of the charge.

After reading the letters again, I found nothing implying that those addressed were "from below".

I found nothing implying that "these people are cursed".

I found nothing implying that "they don't know the law".

I found nothing in the letters which is contrary to Scripture or the heart of Jesus Christ.

I am not persuaded that it is improper to ask representatives of state government whether they may supersede the laws of God.

May our Lord lead us all as we seek to be faithful to Him.