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Fellowship possession of land

October 8, 2011

Recently our local fellowship considered the possibility of taking indefinite extended possession (sometime called "ownership") of some nearby land with a remnant housing structure.  That specific possibility has ended.

In discussion of the matter, the following items were listed as suggestions regarding understandings within the fellowship.  Further consideration would likely have led to changes in the list.

September 23, 2011

Suggestions for an understanding in the fellowship regarding stewards (trustees) entrusted with possessions by the fellowship.

Possessions are held by “a local fellowship of followers of Jesus, (named) steward, and his successors as stewards”.

The steward is responsible and accountable directly to the Lord Jesus, and shall always seek to carry out His will regarding the entrusted possessions.

The steward will use good judgment in seeking the advice and wisdom of the fellowship and its participants. But the steward's decisions are not subject to veto or reversal by the fellowship.

The steward will seek to pay for all continuing expenses related to the possessions, as the Lord enables him to provide.

The steward will direct the use of the possessions, which use may be enjoyed by his own family, as he is led.

The steward may never convert the use for his own personal profit, sell it for his personal gain, or enter a mortgage on it.

Should the need arise, the steward may nominate his successor, subject to fellowship approval. The nominee must be a fellowship participant, and may be someone in his immediate family.

The fellowship and its participants are always free to discuss and consider the decisions of the steward, and to give advice, but the options of the fellowship are limited to terminating and replacing the steward, on the grounds of resignation, incapacity, withdrawal from the fellowship, serious negligence, or disobedience to his duties.

Neither the fellowship nor any of its participants will ever seek remedy to complaints regarding any of these matters in a civil court. It is always better to suffer loss than to take matters before courts of the world for their judgment.