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Government offices

(Posted at HisCalledOut Assembly)
November 29, 2007

Many specifics in (another's previous) posting are worthy of discussion.

At this time I will limit my contribution to some general observations, focused on these quotations:
"...government offices are established by Yahweh to perform his own will."
"...we are supposed to pray for officials."

As I understand the words of these quotations, I agree with them. I probably don't agree with what many people think they mean.

They apply to the offices and officials of Iraq, Iran, and North Korea as well as those of the U.S. and Mexico. We (each of us) are to respect and pray for all of them. We are not told to obey or give allegiance to any of them. Nor are we to further unlawful revolutions against any of them.

Government offices and officials have authority over their subjects. Generally speaking, those who are subjects are those who choose and recognize the government as their own. "Choose whom you will serve." Governments instituted among men derive their powers from "the consent of the governed." Even the kings of Israel chosen individually by Yahweh did not assume authority over their subjects until those subjects acclaimed them and recognized them in a public coronation. Whether or not one, more, or none of such governments have authority over me is a matter of my choice. Yahweh holds each of us responsible to honor any such choice we have made. He may not be happy with any of them. To choose one of the kings of the earth is to reject Him.

May the awesome significance of these matters stimulate each of us to ponder them seriously.