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"Public Notice"

April 24, 2007
(Posted at HisCalledOutAssembly)

You raise interesting contemporary questions which were unimagined twenty years ago.  When does something posted on the internet become a "public notice" which leaves those who remain ignorant or misinformed without excuse?

As I recently worked on an open web site I became aware of some of these same possibilities. 

My wife became uneasy when I posted politically incorrect material, because it would be "out there" for anyone to see, including those who might not have our best interests in mind.  I appreciate her concern.  Everyone should be aware of such considerations. 

But I also became aware that having openly displayed information on who I understand myself to be, what I intend to do, how I understand words, and how I respond to threats may be a very useful "exhibit" should any of these be challenged.  Confirming evidence is available for all the world to see.  More so than ever before.  Our grandfathers couldn't have imagined the instant availability of information and documents which is ours.

As in all emerging questions, how such changes are handled in the "courts" remains to be seen.  Handling them among God's people will not be difficult.  The Spirit Who leads us has not been caught off-guard.  The confusion in the courts of men will be openly apparent until they develop new lists of precedent cases.  Then they can again pretend to be the depository of wisdom.

May we all walk in the all-knowing Spirit,