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What should we do?

May 15, 2008

(posted at theekklesiachurch)

A brother who is five years into his journey says that he is at a cross roads and looking for advice.  He writes a "cry for help".  What should he do?

Such an inquiry leads most of us to demonstrate our wisdom and maturity by making pronouncements and giving directives.

Gregory responds by asking, "What do you know in your heart? What is God writing there?"

His response reminds me that observing him and listening to such words of his over the years has been a profound blessing to me.

Those who have looked for answers to questions in writings know that there are books and libraries with answers of all kinds on almost every imaginable question people have asked.  There is no shortage of books, creeds, directives, instructions, codes of conduct, rules for interpretation, "do"s and "don't"s for anyone seeking answers.  Of making many books there is no end.

Looking for an external written code of directives which is "sufficient" to answer all of our questions has led to endless controversy regarding the meaning of words and the exegesis of phrases.

Those who know Gregory know that his study and appreciation of writings has not been minimal. Yet his response reminds us that we must find the leading of our Father deep inside our beings, in what is often called our hearts.  How we respond to His voice is the test of our obedience.

There are generalized directives which always apply:  Love God above all; Love your neighbor as yourself; Treat others the way you would like to be treated.
It is in the specific applications that we are all tempted to lord it over other seekers.

Noah was led to build an ark.
Abram was led to leave his homeland.
Moses was led to deliver a message to the center of empire.
Joshua was led to march around Jericho.
David was led to challenge Goliath.
Solomon was led to build a temple.
Ezra was led to return to Jerusalem.
Joseph was led to marry a pregnant woman.
John was led to preach in the desert.
Some disciples were led to walk away from their fathers and their occupations.
Another was told to sell everything and give to the poor.
A widow was led to contribute a penny.

Each of us may or may not be led to such actions.

What should we do?  What we, with the best knowledge and wisdom available to us, discern in our hearts is what our Father wants us to do.

Enjoying regular local fellowship as I do with many brothers and sisters who are each committed to seeking and yielding to the Father's specific direction in this way is one of the richest blessings I have experienced, or can imagine.