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Legal status swindle

(Posted at HisCalledOutAssembly)
November 24, 2007

You say, "I believe I am presently being swindled out of the knowledge of the truth concerning my legal status by word twisting attorneys and ignorant government officials and employees."

The word "attorney" is derived from a word meaning to turn or twist. It seems to me that there are no attorneys other than those skilled at turning and twisting words and ideas.

My impression is that all the officials of the coercive governments of
the world enter their positions either in ignorance or defiance of the
declaration that "the government shall be upon His (Messiah's)
shoulders". Promotion of any government of the world is a "trick,
device, or swindling operation". It is probably better to deal with
those ignorant than with those defiant. If it is part of your mission
to enlighten and convert the ignorant, may you be blessed. If part of
your mission is to confront the defiant, may you be given protection.
You will need it.

In other words, it doesn't surprise me that you haven't felt blessed by
the attorneys and government officials you have met.

You ask," How will we ever know (our legal status) until we step forward and ask these questions?"

Asking good questions may be a part of the process of enlightenment. But I would not encourage anyone to seek the answers from government officials of the world. I do recognize that asking them the questions and pondering their answers may be used by the Spirit of light to lead His people to the Source of light.

You say, " Our part is to ask the right questions while we are free to
do so. The rest is up to our Lord and Master."

As we are led to do so, we should always be asking the right questions. We are always free to do so. Perhaps not always in the "public" forum.

When we do as we are led, my confidence is that our Lord and Master will never fail in doing "the rest".

What is it that he wants to do? What does he want us to know? I am not convinced that He is eagerly desirous that we know our "legal status" under the laws of men and human governments. My impression is that He is most desirous that we know our status before Him and His laws, know how we can find relief from the burden of our status, know how we can find renewal in His Spirit, know how we can find our identity as one of His separated people, know the freedom which that status gives us, and realize the futility and frustration of those who seek freedom or "sovereign independence" in the systems of government formed by people of darkness. As we enjoy our new freedom and status, we will come to understand the doomed status of those who reject Him by choosing the kings of the world.

As you and all of us pursue the questions which are put before us, may each of us be led to greater freedom and light.