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Salvation from enslavement

(Posted at theekklesiachurch)
February 14, 2009

How can we find salvation from enslavement to an abusive master, in order to serve a kind master?

Here are two answers.

(#1) "The contract must be maintained, or broken because of mistake, fraud, or some other defect of law, or a new agreement must be established to amend the relationship.  Burning of documents without the other side acknowledging and accepting the defects in the original agreement does nothing but make a lot of pollution."

(#2)"When we take His program for real, He holds all power... then they will not be in charge. Yes, His program works that well... and we will no longer serve two Gods. It is here and now when we will have it....  I am simply convinced that we can have him at any time when we will and that is what I work for....   The reality we are in, men have created by their own choices and we have been involved and brought up in it all. Now we wake up and see who really is in charge. When He sees we are intent, He will come to us, without that, what hope exists?"

It seems to me that answer #l tells slaves to free themselves from their abusive master and then offer themselves in service to a kind master.  Answer #2 tells slaves to offer themselves to the kind master, who will accept them and then supervise the settlement of claims of the abusive master.

Answer #2 seems more harmonious with the New Testament gospel as I understand it.