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Just a letter

June 21, 2009

Thanks for your communication.  The list of your interests includes many which are common to us and many others who are being led into productive, caring lives.

Though we are now in a more urban setting, there were years when we grew produce, fowl and goats also.  Mary often felt good about serving a meal to guests where almost everything on the table had been produced by us on site.

I'm sure the friend who helped me set up the simple web site I have would be happy to help and advise you as well.  The format and program are "user friendly", for those of us who didn't grow up with computers as our toys of pleasure.l

You are correct in noting that one must be careful about jumping into groups or ideas simply because they are "alternative".  Being aware that the consensus model is not the way to go is the easy part of the discernment.  Even those who willingly endorse the system realize that many things are wrong and need changing.  Sadly many want to adopt the same approach for changing the system which was used to set it up.  Fighting fire with fire, or, "if you can't beat them, join them".

I have known Gregory, and Paul Revere from the Embassy of Heaven, for close to twenty years.  I am under the impression that Paul spends much of his energy now servicing internet connections for people and continuing the document programs--automobile registrations, licenses, etc. 
Gregory has so many good contributions to make, which I appreciate and admire.  I have not felt led to participate in the organizational structure which he is promoting  so I may not appear to be very active in some of his networks.  My participation in HHC has been primarily through the yahoo interaction group.  There is a section in the "sitemap" of which reprints many of my contributions over the years.

In this area we have interacted with many Amish and Amish-Mennonite people, as well as those who simply identify themselves as "Mennonite".  They all come under the same umbrella as followers of Menno Simons, and usually are people who choose to be consistently non-violent.  The Amish are much more tightly committed to the practices stipulated by the local congregation, including such things as hair styles, dress patterns, transportation methods, and the use or non-use of many of the "conveniences" of the general culture.  We ourselves now participate in a more informal home church fellowship which seeks to simply live as followers of Jesus, embracing all those with the same goal as our brothers and sisters in Him, while not not limiting ourselves with any one of the hundreds of labels for groups of Christians over the centuries, useful as those labels may be.

My relatives and friends in your area are interested in my views but do not share many of them which are not accepted by general American Christianity.

We look forward to being blessed through further interaction with you.