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Political Reflections

January 24, 2008
(Posted at HisCalledOutAssembly)

The Lord Jesus found delight in doing His Father's will.

It is my desire and goal to follow His example.

My best understanding is that our Father desires us to be His agents of peace, reconciliation, renewal, and blessing, and to invite and encourage others to join the program (kingdom).

The tools (weapons) which He gives us to pursue such goals appeal internally to the hearts and minds of others.

All other kingdoms of men pursue their goals with weapons of external force which they use to plunder, incarcerate, and exterminate.

I hope it is clear from what I have written previously that I  have no interest in participating in any of those political systems.

I have expressed the opinion that the American system has been among the best of the kingdoms of men because its founders intended to severely restrict the powers of its rulers.

My lighter winter work schedule has given me time to observe some of the current election process in the American system.

Among the contending presidential candidates, Ron Paul seems to be the most committed to honoring the limitations of government powers.  If I were participating in the system, I'd probably be one of his "revolutionaries".

Listening to some of his rhetoric has reminded me that any attempt to construct an ideology of human political power is in conflict with what I understand to be a Biblical perspective.  I will list here three examples which have caught my attention.

l. Ron Paul's message is centered on an assumption that "we" don't need more "government".  We shouldn't look to Washington  for solutions.  Instead, he says, we should put more trust in ourselves.

Yes, all people must put their trust somewhere.  However, knowing what I do about myself and what I have observed in others, neither my experience nor what I read in Scripture enables me to trust in people who have not been renewed in the Spirit of Jesus.  There is no secure foundation for peaceful society apart from Him.  The evil men of history are the skeletons rattling in the closets of those who would like to build on a trust in human nature.

2. In his final message to his team of workers in New Hampshire, Ron Paul said that "we" must regard each other as the "brothers and sisters" which we are.

Yes, we all know that we ought to be as brothers and sisters in a family.  But we cannot find that familial harmony apart from the reconciling and renewing presence of the Father's chosen Son who restores us to fellowship in the family.  Claiming that all men and women on earth are now brothers and sisters in the Father's family is not a Biblical model of thought.  Only those united in the body of Christ are honored with such designations.

3. In a Nevada interview, Ron Paul said that younger people are attracted to the message he brings because they like the prospect of being in control of their own lives and being in control of the money which they earn.

Yes, we all know how frustrating it is to have coercive human rulers who want to control our lives and control the money we earn.  But peaceful, productive human life does not result when every man in his natural state regards himself as a sovereign, autonomous individual.  The essence of sinful rebellion is the assumption that we can live as "gods" in control of ourselves.  Only in  submission to the Father's will and Spirit do we find the common life we crave.  Ron Paul probably senses that in his own mind.  I have no reason to doubt his Christian profession.  But he, as so many other sincere Christians, is still looking for a way to find common cause with others in promoting a benevolent human political system without recognizing the Prince of Peace.  My best judgment is that it can't be done. Samuel's warning to Israel still stands.