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Household-centered living

August 26, 2007
(Posted at HisCalledOutAssembly)

Three days ago one of the families in our local fellowship was saddened with the birth of a stillborn baby.

The evening of the next day, we were part of a gathering to support, join, and weep with the family as they buried the baby's body.

Many aspects of the experience were memorable, impressive, and thought stimulating.  Here I intend to focus only on the contrast between household-centered living under the authority of the household head, who seeks the Father's will, and state-centered living under professionals, administrators, and executives authorized by the state.

From the time of the birth until the tiny casket was covered with dirt, the immediate family attended to, transported, and retained possession of the baby's body.  They dug and later filled the grave on the site where they live, and generally arranged the agenda for the gathering.  The guests assisted and supported in various ways, but none of them directed.

It has been said that most people can expect that three events of their lives will be recorded in the local newspaper--birth, marriage, and death.  I am old enough to have some memory of home births, home weddings, and home funerals.  I am encouraged that after all three have been institutionalized, professionalized, and ceremonialized under state authority,  there is a growing awareness that all can be reclaimed under household authority.  My first recent close encounter with home funeral arrangements came within the past two years.  A review of state laws indicated that most of the assumed restrictions, limitations, and requirements apply not to family members, but to the professionals licensed by the state.
Two other aspects of living demonstrate the contrast--learning, and health care.  The growth in home based learning during my lifetime is well known.  There is growing interest in home based health care.

When families are successful, with the loving support of others like-minded, especially those whom the Father has entrusted with gifts in each area as His children have needs, in bringing these five aspects of living within the authority and loving care of the household, the economic implications are enormous.  When households join in fellowship under the Father's loving direction, the implications are staggering.  May each of our households better experience this grand reality.