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David's quest: seeking the kingdom

June 12, 2010

Three days ago David, a participant in our local fellowship, sent the letter below to another brother who some weeks ago traveled from a distance with his family to spend some time visiting with our local fellowship.

Hello (named brother), I have read your response to (another brother)'s letter a few times now, trying to get a better sense of who you are and by what spirit you are communicating under.  The short time we were able to spend together wasn't sufficient to truly gain an understanding of the way you are being led, nor you, I.
 I am very aware of the many different conversations we had while you were here. Much was talked about, many ideas were thrown out to think about. That is something I enjoy doing and many times the Lord speaks to me through those ideas. But from what I can glean from your letters is that you might have read more into those conversations than was actually there.
  I would much rather talk to you face to face, but from what you wrote that might not be possible for a while. So I will try to tell you the best I can what I am seeking.  I seek the Kingdom of God and his righteousness (to do what is right from day to day) and I discern what is right by seeking to listen to his voice as I move through my days.  This is not always easy,  but it does keep things simple.  By doing this, my King has led me into a deeper relationship with himself and with my brothers.  This has given me a great desire to see many others come into this way of life. A quiet and simple way, trusting Jesus for direction and for provision. What more does man need!
   As I meet different brothers on my journey, I do my best to trust that they, too, know and hear the voice of our father and that he is leading them, even if they are on a path I wouldn't take.  I remain very willing and eager to build relationships and to seek to encourage each other on our journeys, trusting that I am not my brother's master, but my brother's helper.  I am convinced that Jesus, through his Spirit, is far better at working out the details in another man's life than I am.  My role in my brother's life is, if I can, help him discern God's will and then encourage him to obey.  If he be lacking something I can meet, I should be willing to meet it.
   I am trusting that it was in this spirit you were desiring to come out here.  however, before I could tell you what needs could be met by you in our lives, I would need to spend much more time with you and your family to understand what gifts you have been given that the Lord might want to use in our lives. I would be eager for this opportunity if it be the will of our King.
   Listen and obey, my brother,
  for He is able,