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Traveling family

March 24, 2011

One of the long-term families from our local fellowship is presently busy in traveling ministry.  As of today they are near Seattle, Washington.  Their oldest child is 16.

At my suggestion they have sent the posting below for me to put here.  Anyone wishing to respond can contact me at 620-662-8268 or at

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We are a family of 13 traveling with a wonderful sister-in-Christ.  We have been sent out to share the Great News of the Kingdom of God. We have been traveling since Feb. 2 and God has met our needs completely.

As we have been led from place to place, doors have opened for opportunity for healing.  I have a massage table and am more than willing to be available for helping with any health issues.  With 6 strong sons, we are willing to do any physical works that might be a blessing to those who have needs.  With a wonderful wife and 5 daughters who love to serve others, we are making ourselves available!  

Our family loves to sing and play music to encourage and lift up the King and the Kingdom of God.

If there is any interest in having our family visit, please contact John Steward-of-Jesus.

In Him,