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"City Limits"

July 1, 2007
(Posted at HisCalledOutAssembly)
Greetings to all in the name of the Messiah, often called Jesus.

Robert's recent posting included a footnote regarding the "pale" as including the concept of "limit". I was reminded that it seems to me that the concept of a territorial "limit" to political claims is often misunderstood (in general, not by Robert).

Probably the most frequent reminder of a such a limit is the "city limits" sign along the highway as we enter a town or city.

Let me try to state the heart of the matter as succinctly as possible:
A "limit" to an action or claim defines a border beyond which it may not extend. It does not imply that the action or claim applies everywhere, or to everyone, within the border.

Some examples:

My wife limits her neighborhood walks to a radius of a mile or so. That means she doesn't go further away than that. It doesn't mean that she walks everywhere within that radius.

I generally limit my daily work to within a radius of less than ten miles. I usually don't go beyond that. I don't claim to do all such work within that radius. The limit determines what I will not or may not do. It does not determine what I necessarily do.

An insurance company may limit one of its agents to a defined territory. The limit means that he may not write policies outside the territory. It doesn't mean that he writes all insurance policies written within that area. Perhaps all those initiated by his company. There may be many other companies. Their "borders" may be quite different.

A church denomination may appoint a "bishop" over a geographic territory with "limits". The bishop has no authority over those who are outside the territory. He doesn't necessarily have authority over everyone within those limits. Only those who recognize those who gave the bishop his authority.

A fraternal brotherhood may define a geographic border for one of its "lodges". Then those outside the border may not join that particular "lodge". Not all people inside the border are subject to that lodge. Only those who choose to be a part of it and recognize its function.

Similarly, the geographic border or "limits" of a city or state only limits or restricts the city or state. Their claims may not extend beyond the borders. The border does not determine that everyone within the borders is subject to the political claims. Only those who recognize the claims, or the claims of another political entity which has a mutual recognition agreement.

So, when we travel and see a sign which says, "Welcome to STATE ABC", or "Entering STATE ABC", the meaning is that those who are members of one of the kingdoms of the world which have a mutual recognition agreement, including the recognition of each other's borders or "limits", are now entering the territorial jurisdiction of STATE ABC.

Those who limit their allegiance and loyalty to the Creator, His
kingdom, and His Messiah, are always aware that his claims extend over the face the earth He made, and that He has not entered into a mutual recognition agreement with any of the kingdoms of the world. So that they are always "wise as serpents" and able to communicate, they notice such signs. But they are aware that they are not among those committed to recognize the "borders" and are therefore not within the legal "pale" or "limits". They are "outlaws", in the complimentary sense of the term.

May His People continue to enjoy their freedom on the estate of their Creator and King.