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Front door notice

February 24, 2011

Today the following notice was posted outside our house near the front door, replacing an earlier shorter version.

Desiring to live peacefully and lovingly with all people, to promote informed, harmonious relationships with everyone, and to avoid misunderstandings or unnecessary conflict, we are posting this


This household is in

the kingdom of God


Jesus is Lord.

While recognizing and appreciating the legitimate role and authority which the coercive governments of the world have in the lives of their citizens and residents, we choose to live under the exclusive authority and jurisdiction of the almighty Creator and his chosen Son, Jesus the Christ, to whom he has given all power and authority in heaven and on earth.

We are not citizens or residents of the City of Hutchinson, Reno County, the State of Kansas, or the United States of America. This house and land are not Reno County real estate.

We seek to follow our Master, who extended his loving hand to everyone, without regard to the many external categories which throughout history have caused divisions and hatred among people. We recognize as our brothers and sisters whose who know the will of God and do it. We desire to make life better for everyone, to bless them, and never to harm them.

As servants of our Master, we are happy to meet and respond to everyone who is brought into our lives.

                                             John Steward-of-Jesus

                              Mary Steward-of-Jesus

Jesus is King.

Here. Now.