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Mission to officials; "sovereign people"; a judge's comments

(Posted at HisCalledOutAssembly)
November 25, 2007

From what you have written now and previously, it seems to me that part of your mission may be to address probing questions to some of the officials of the governments of the world.  Only the Lord can keep you informed of the length and extent of this mission.  Only He knows how it will be used for His purposes.

Paul was sent to Rome for such purposes.  He appealed to Caesar not because he expected to find justice there, but because he felt called to witness to him. In a similar way Jesus went to Jerusalem, not because he expected to receive a good hearing, but because it was the Father's mission for him.  We must be available for similar purposes, realizing that we will not necessarily appear to be "successful".

As I have indicated before, it seems to me that using the term "sovereign", as in "sovereign people", promotes as much confusion as it clears away.  I understand that in much discussion of human law, "sovereign" is used to refer to one who is not a subject of any other human being.  It creates the impression that a man can live on the earth and be a sovereign, independent, self-sufficient, self-directing, lord and master of his own destiny.  That is a sinful, deceptive, destructive illusion.  In our guts we all know that we are weak, limited, ignorant of much, mortal, temporal, dependent, and guilty.  A world in which everyone lived as a truly sovereign individual would be a hell of an experience.  The Biblical invitation is not to sovereign independence but to "choose who you will serve".  We are made to be dependent and rely on a master.  We are sheep who need a shepherd.  Under the Good Shepherd we find life abundant.  It is the wolves who tempt us with a life of independence apart from His flock.

My impression is that in the early days of the American experience there were many people who know this and interpreted the talk of "sovereign people" within that framework.  The error of the American experiment is the assumption that the theoretical legal structure will promote the good life apart from that framework.  Blessings flowed from the earlier framework.  The contribution of the legal structure was that it was one of the most severe restrictions on coercive human government ever implemented.  The blessings resulting from the commitment of many to the will of their Maker were free to flow. No sooner had the blessings become evident than there was an effort to attribute them to the legal structure, and set aside the restrictions on the coercive structure seen as the source of the blessings.  As we know, that effort continues to grow.

You say, "We had a judge state after a case was completed that it did not matter so much who we were, but rather where we were standing at the time.   He went on to say that it was possible to "stand" in and out of his jurisdiction many times each day, depending on what we were engaged in."

This is one of many testimonies of "off the record" statements by officials, especially judges, indicating that many of them are very aware of the games they are playing with people.  This leads me to wonder where they learn these things.  Is it in the school for judges, or through their own study and experience.  However they learn it, they do not seem to be eager to make the subjects aware and better able to protect their interests and avoid the traps.  Another confirmation that all systems of coercive human government are self-promoting at the expense of the welfare of their subjects.  We walk away from our Maker and choose human rulers at our own peril.  There is only One Whom He chose to be a governor of His people.  Among all the rest of us, such power goes to our heads and corrupts us.

May you be blessed as you execute your mission.  It is always good to read your "missionary" reports.