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Timing for success

September 4, 1980

The survivors in life are those who correctly see trends and forces and use them for their own advancement. The successful farmer is not necessarily the one who puts the most energy into his tilling, but rather the one who best knows when the life forces of springtime will help his corn to germinate and lead to his harvest in the fall. Timing in the recognition of forces is everything. The successful commodity speculator is the one who recognized forces and, on the basis of them, times his moves. The surfer goes nowhere unless he catches his wave. Good intentions and fierce splashing in the water with his hands should merit little praise for the surfer. The surfer who, seemingly with no effort, catches and rides the waves, deserves our respect and admiration.

Those who emphasize too much the good intentions and diligent efforts of men forget that men are successful only as they put themselves in tune with the Great Musician who has created and is now tuning, and playing his symphonies through, this marvelous universe.