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Ping-Pong politics

November 23, 1980

American politics of the last few decades resembles a Ping-Pong game in which the American public is asked whether it wants to stand on one side of the table and let the Republicans serve, or on the other side of the table and let the Democrats serve. The Democrats will serve the “butter” and the Republicans will serve the “guns.” Our choice is whether we want to use the machinery of government to favor the military-industrial complex, or the social services-welfare industrial complex. Either way, we promote bigger government and bigger taxes, and less individual liberty. The establishment becomes more entrenched in either case; individuals become less able to care for themselves. The total wealth of the country is diminished either way.

If the American voter genuinely wishes to promote his own liberty, welfare, and prosperity, he must stop playing Ping-Pong. He must insist on a radical decrease of government and taxes, and a return to a reliance on the productive capabilities of individuals who are not subject to coercive utopians. In the recent election, only the Libertarians seemed to speak for this alternative.