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Population control relative to production and consumption

June 18, 1980

The attitude of an age toward population and immigration control is an indicator whether the age is producing or consuming in net results.

Young people, who are producers, seek each other out for greater prosperity. Older people without assets are consumers who are threats to each other. Early Southern California was producing. Builders, farmers, manufacturing workers came by the thousands. The producers welcomed each other.  Now the area emphasizes consumption--tourism, retirees, aristocrats, etc., and population control is emphasized.  “Developing” areas around the world receive more wealth than they produce (at present). They are trying to limit population growth.

The working class encourages large families. The aristocracy seeks smaller families. Too many mouths means too much competition for the controlled share of the pie. The “banker's family” is small because each community will tolerate only a small number of’ those who manipulate a system to give themselves a disproportionate share of the wealth.

Producers see people as hands and minds to share the work. Consumers see people as mouths to feed and bodies to clothe.

Hands can be used for constructive labor or for destructive plunder.