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Class struggle

November 7, 1980

It is not surprising that Marx saw class struggle as inherent in society. His perspective is that which sees the purpose of government as the management of the distribution, for consumption, of wealth, rather than the promotion of the production of wealth.  If wealth is to be consumed, and thus diminished, there will he a struggle to obtain the largest share.

If, however, the social process promotes the production of wealth, then it is to everyone's advantage if someone wants more than his fair share of that process.  It is because the inherent reason for struggle between men, as contrasted with man's struggle with the elements, disappears in a free society, that there are such genuine expressions of brotherhood and support which develop spontaneously in such a free society.

It is only as men see each other as threats that the urge to kill is promoted.

It is the difference between seeing other men as mouths to feed, and seeing them as hands and minds to share the work.