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The purpose of words

Noovember 7, 1980

Reading does not always promote wisdom. Reading often promotes
confusion. Some of the wisest men read very little. Some "well-read" individuals are very confused. This is so because words, spoken or written, are used both to reveal the truth and to conceal the truth. Concealing the truth confuses the hearer or reader.

The free and productive man always seeks truth.  It is only as he is in harmony with truth that his efforts will be productive. He seeks to share his insights and learn from the insights of his fellow men. This sharing is the foundation of progress.

The man who wishes to control and manipulate groups, so that he may increase his share of the wealth, seeks to conceal this fact from others, and often from himself. He promotes a doctrine which justifies his position and the positions of those in his supporting administration. The greater this structure and the further developed the justifying doctrine, the greater will be the number of books produced whose purpose will be to conceal the truth and to promote the lie which holds the structure together. It is during such times that the "best read” men are among the most confused of men.

Simple speech promotes truth. Complex speech is often used to conceal the truth.