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Testing vocations for production or consumption

June 18, 1980

True production thrives in an open market with free prices and open admission to all trades. This makes possible a list of indicators whether a vocational or trade group or type is truly productive, or leaning toward consumption (getting more than its fair share in free trade).

1. Open admission to the trade:
No unnecessary educational requirements.
No state licenses.
No union membership required.
No quotas (maximum number in the trade).
No other unnecessary requirements for admission.
No legal or age barriers.
If any requirement, it is met by test, not by a period of schooling or internship.

2. Free Pricing
No suggested trade fees.
No minimum wage etc. enforced by sanction of law,

3. Free market:
No referral fees.
No reciprocal agreements.
No loss leaders.
Information is emphasized in advertising, rather than gimmicks and promotions.
Information is encouraged, not restricted.
No tax incentives of any kind.