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A static or a dynamic world

November 13, 1980

A static view of the world leads to a view of the world’s riches as a fixed and disappearing quantity of wealth for which men are competing. Because men are always consuming goods, this leads to the promotion of lower expectations as wealth continues to be consumed. Those who consume more than others are seen to be evil and selfish, because they consume more than their share, and as beneficiaries of injustice. Justice is thought to be the equal distribution of ever-diminishing wealth. The end of such a process is the consumption of all wealth, and death.

A creative and dynamic view of the world and of man’s place in it leads to a view of the world’s riches as a growing quantity of wealth produced by creative, energetic, and ambitious men who produce more than they consume, and use the resulting wealth to make possible a better standard of living for all, as a capital (wealth) base is developed for ever greater advances. The addition of more productive people to such a. system is not a threat but a stimulus for more efficiency, more investment, more wealth, and an even higher standard of living. No matter how much an individual consumes, he is contributing to society if his production is even more. Justice is the equal opportunity of all to share in this process and enjoy better lives as they contribute to better living for all. The end of such a process is peace, harmony, and unbelievable riches for all. It is a life promoting process.

Because change is a law of life, the societies which man forms are always moving either in the direction of wealth creation and life, or wealth destruction and death.