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The final political question

November 5, 1980

The ultimate political question is the value of the individual vs. the value of the state. Which supports which?

Either the state strengthens the freedom and value of the individual by protecting his freedom, by removing the fear that other individuals will use coercion against him, or the individual sacrifices himself to promote the glory and power of the state.

There are many combinations and shades, but the above question is the fundamental issue. One puts his faith for the future in the productive capacity of free individuals, or in the wisdom and power of the state, as expressed through the ruler. Either God uses the government to strengthen individuals, or the individuals to support the government. The test of a good government is either the freedom enjoyed by the individuals, or the power and control possessed by the state.

Should one be proud of his government, or proud of the people in his country? “Love of America” is ambiguous, because it can be shifted either way. It is the people who make a great nation, not the strength of its government.