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Identity Letter

What follows is a copy of a letter printed in the "Western Front" page of the Hutchinson News on May 24, 2006:

Having lived among your readers for more than a decade, it seems fitting that I should use this means to help anyone who might be curious to better understand my sense of identity.

My commitment is to live as a steward (servant, disciple, follower) of Jesus Christ.  I regard Him as a sovereign king who here and now offers exclusive dominion to his subjects.  Accordingly, I am not able to participate in any of the coercive systems of government initiated by people.  Only His kingdom, His authority and His laws govern my life.

As a follower of Jesus, I embrace as my brothers and sisters all others who follow Him.  We should not recognize as effective all the temporal labels which are used to divide us.  We are one body, with one head.

Although I am not a citizen or legal resident under any coercive human government, I regard the prevailing coercive governments in this area as among the best in history.  Those who desire such government are well advised to be content with what they have.  My opinion is that they are among the best because they were set up with severely limited powers, leaving greater freedom and responsibility to the people.  In this regard, the government of Jesus is even better.  His way is for His followers to live in the Spirit of the new life, which He gives, and to use no force or violence, relying on the father's justice, while extending love, forgiveness and blessings to all.

My contact with the agents and officers of coercive government in this area suggests that they are among the best available.  The challenges, frustrations and dangers which they experience daily are understood only by others of them.  I pray for their blessing.  Yet I choose not to be one of their subjects.  I would rather live as a redeemed man in the kingdom of my Creator than as a legal resident of a human political realm whose authorities create such artificial persons.  All entities are subject to the powers which create and sustain them.

As a contented follower of Jesus, I encourage everyone to consider His offer of dominion.  Whatever the response, I desire to extend love, forgiveness and blessings to all.

                                                John Steward-of-Jesus
                                                in the kingdom of God