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The coming adjustment

June 18, 1980

Much of the illusory wealth in this country must be destroyed, because, at present, our combined illusory purchasing power (including present purchasing power and supposedly guaranteed future purchasing power, such as social security, pensions, etc.) is greater than our combined wealth in valuable goods. Prices of basic goods must increase and/or the value of many “investments” and benefits must decrease dramatically. Thus, we must have either inflation or deflation, or an inflationary depression in which the price of basic goods rises far more than the value of existing investments.

In considering these possibilities, one could ask himself, "If the price of all goods, shares, etc., would come down tomorrow, which would I sell today—house, tools, food, car, etc?"  Most of us would keep survival necessities.  Similarly, if we could spend our money for only one week before it became worthless, what would we buy? The answer may be the same.

Both of the above possibilities would accomplish the purpose of destroying wealth, or at least the illusions of wealth.  As a people, we are not as wealthy as we think we are.  An adjustment to bring illusions closer to reality must come. We must either destroy our currency, or the inflated “present value” of many of our assets. Neither will be pleasant.