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Producers and consumers in government

June 18, 1980

Whether the policies of government are rooted in a consumptive or productive outlook is determined by the personal orientation of those in power rather than the actual state of affairs in the country.

Because aristocrats as such are basically consumers who have manipulated a system to their own advantage and therefore relative to that system are consumers, they will promote consumer (destructive) policies of government, including restrictive laws, manipulated trade, strong police if necessary, etc. It is only when those who have themselves been producers, are in control of government that productive activities are promoted and stimulated.

Producers need nothing from government except the freedom to act. Consumers seek a protected right to consume more than their share.

Career politicians will never understand the point of view of the producer, who operates in a competitive environment and accepts it. The only way to be a successful politician is to eliminate competition.

Government is served best by producers who are willing to take a leave of absence to serve their country. Only they are truly motivated to preserve liberty.