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Delegated responsibility

November 10, 1980

It has been suggested that the new president-elect may use a cabinet of strong members with delegated authority, rather than the small circle of persona1 emissaries which recent presidents have used.

An administration which seeks to promote truth and liberty is comfortable when delegating responsibility to men who can trusted to seek the truth. To the extent that men find the truth, they come to common conclusions. In matters of opinion they trust and respect each other. The truth is unified. Capable men use hundreds of ways to find it, and hundreds of ways to implement it.

An administration which seeks to promote propaganda and control must keen a tight system at all levels. Men will be trusted only as far as they are seen, and when they can be monitored closely. They must he programmed to promote the accepted propaganda and control their subordinates. Only in this way will the structure have any possibility of remaining intact.

A controlled system is limited in its functions by the brain capacity of the one man whose word is most authoritative.  All propaganda must he coordinated in his mind, and all orders must ultimately fit into his plan. The chief function of subordinates is to implement the plan and promote the propaganda.

A system which values liberty draws on the creative brain power of all its participants. Because open discussion of truth, rather than secrecy and suppression of “non-conforming” truth, is promoted, the creative powers of the brains of all participants in the system contribute to the accomplishment of the commonly accepted goals.

Free men working toward the accomplishment of mutually beneficial goals are more effective by a very great multiple than are men following orders so that the controller’s goals can be realized. Their energies and brains are stimulating rather than encumbering the process. When this effectiveness factor is repeated at several levels of an organization, the combined result can be astounding.