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Who is promoted?

November 13, 1980

Production begins with the worker. Control comes from the top down, by definition.

A society engaged in production will find its leaders coming from among those who have been productive in one way or another. Only they can coordinate or promote more production. Only the man who knows how to produce steel, sugar, etc., can organize a company to do the same.

A society engaged in consumption and the distribution of wealth needs leaders who can control men so that they do not ask for more than their assigned share. The ability to follow orders and to control men are then needed for promotion. It is for this reason that so much emhasis is placed today on management, and so little on production. The custom of finding potential foremen, managers, presidents, etc. from among the productive men declines as the control of men becomes the more important consideration. Those trained in people control and manipulation are sought instead.

The frequent transfer of workers and managers today makes manipulation easier. Emotional. detachment and lack of genuine human concern are necessary qualifications for the manipulator. It is the supervisor of genuine and rewarding production who can share a heartfelt camaraderie with his workers.