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November 20, 1982

The only way in which men find unity is in Jesus Christ.  He restores the unity which was present at creation but lost at the fall.  Sin separates men from God and from each other.  Nothing but the redeeming work of Christ and the presence of His Spirit can restore unity.  The "Church" is the only collective body approved in the New Testament, and its unity is only a spiritual unity centered in Christ.

The "twelve" in the N.T. were not described as a collective unit, as a consistory or council.  They were plural.  The "council" at Jerusalem was not described as a unit in Acts 15.  Its communication was sent in the name of many--disciples and apostles.  We should remember that "church" (ekklesia) derives from a plural, "called out ones".  It is a unit or single body only as the church of Christ or the body of Christ.  Only he can speak for or give directives to the church.  It has no other director or spokesman.

History is the record of countless vain, foolish, and painful attempts to find a basis for unity among men other than the unity which God has provided.  All have ultimately failed.