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Teaching Truth

March 5, 1982

There are many times when it is dangerous to speak the truth.  The truth is so astonishing that anyone who speaks the truth is suspected of being a fanatic.  For this reason it may often be wise to give hints toward the truth and to pose questions which will guide truth-seekers, rather than stating the truth.  The shock of the truth may prove blinding and disabling to those who have not had some previous exposure.  Progress and enlightenment usually come in small increments.  We must learn patience.

Christ said at times that there were many more truths which the disciples were not ready to receive.  Many great teachers speak as many questions as answers.  All good teachers know when to remain silent.

Teachers of lies know these principles of teaching, and imitate them, hoping that the resulting confusion in the minds of the students will cause them to accept all the lies which are taught.

Truth and lies, wheat and weeds, remain mixed together until the time of harvest.