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December 11, 1983

Scripture makes it clear that there are only two principles and two classifications of people in the world--Christian and anti-Christian.

When we hear talk of "society" and "culture" we should ask which of the two is meant.  When people say, "Society expects (demands, requires, etc.)" this or that, we should ask whether by "society" they mean Christian people, anti-Christian people, or Christian and antij-Christian people cooperating and working together.  Scripture warns us not to think in this third alternative (e.g.II Cor.6).  Another concept which leads toward the same trap is the "pluralistic" society.

Satan always undermines Christians in the same way--by getting them to work with (be yoked together with) anti-Christian people, and thus to be attracted to their women, their toys, and their gods, and thus to lose their Christian distinctiveness (separateness, holiness).