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Enough Money

(undated, late 1981)

(an unsent "letter to the editor")

I have heard that some of your readers think they don't have enough money.  This is not good.  There should be enough money to meet people's needs.  Therefore all helpful and smart people will agree to a plan which I have to solve the problem.

If someone is short of money because he can't sell something for a price which is high enough, I will buy it.  I will pay with notes, which we will call "Local Reserve Notes". (You may place the printing order for me.)  All of us will accept and exchange these notes as money, because we know it is good to have more money available.  Then everyone will be able to pay their debts and buy what they want.  If farmers must sell land and get a certain price, I will buy it and pay them with my notes.  If anyone should doubt that my notes are really valuable as money, we will pass a law that they must accept them.  Because your readers are smart, this should not be necessary.  There should always be enough money to carry on business and satisfy the needs of people, and this will assure us of a good supply.

If people need money but have nothing to sell, they can work for me and I will pay them as many Local Reserve Notes as they need.  If there are needy people who can't work, I will give them enough notes so they can buy what they need.  Because none of your readers would want to hurt the needy, we will consider it to be the duty of all to accept Local Reserve Notes as they would any other money.  To speak against them will show lack of community spirit.

I will be ready to carry out this plan as soon as you print this letter.  We have been patient enough with the people who print Federal Reserve Notes.  They say they can make enough paper money to overcome the scarcity of gold money.  If they don't give us enough, we should start making our own.  It's all so simple and easy, if we only think about it.

P.S. When the Local Reserve Notes arrive, you may keep some of them as your pay for ordering the rest of them.  This plan should keep everyone happy.