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Changing Education

undated, 1982

The trend in education is toward more emphasis on reading and thinking about fairy tales and imagination, clowns, puppets, distortions and caricatures (untruth), and less emphasis on reality (truth).

More on animals, less on people.

More on individualistic interactions (unisex), less on normal families (differing sexual roles).

More on games, sports, contests, fairs, recreations, entertainments, less on productive work.

More on prizes, awards, degrees, grades, points, trophies, applause, publicity, certificates, diplomas, and titles, less on the internal and external rewards and fruits of productive work.

More on conformity to groups, peer evaluations, submission to human authority, community officials, and police, less on an individual's obedience to the moral law (of God).

More on work in a large, structured, impersonal setting which requires obedience to commands, less on independent individuals who exercise initiative and solve problems creatively.