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Responding to Evil

October 22, 1981

Would we have sympathy with a father who complained that a young man in the neighborhood came to his house every evening to visit his daughter, and regularly took advantage of her?  Would we be more sympathetic if the father said that he had regularly warned the young man to be more decent?  If he said that he had asked other neighborhood fathers to warn the young man?  If he said that he had formed a committee to study the proper behavior patterns for young men?  If he said that he was writing a newsletter exposing the undesirable behavior of young men?  Would we not rather expect the father to prevent the young man from coming into his house each evening?

We should stop complaining that central bankers and government authorities cannot be trusted with the gold and silver which people have worked hard to save.  We should withhold it from them and use privately issued coins and certificates, which have a value independent of the plundering authorities, and are outside their control.  Actions speak more loudly than words, and are far more effective.