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Vows & Oaths

If the word "vow" is intended to put some of our declarations or statements into a special category which we take more seriously than other direct and specific statements which we make, then it seems to me that our "yes" isn't always "yes", and creating a special category of statements called "vows" is evidence of evil.

I see (going under a human authority that may judge us) as part of the error. Perhaps the swearing is only a confirmation of error.

I see the prior error as becoming part of a kingdom where "yes" is not "yes", where all are known to be liars, where weaseling out of contracts is commendable if it is profitable and legal, where "creative accounting" is the norm, where debts produce prosperity, where destroying owl nests is a crime but killing babies is not. In such a kingdom nobody is held accountable for a statement unless they have sworn and put themselves "under penalties of perjury."

In the Kingdom of God, where truth is treasured, every statement has significance. Any evidence that some statements are put in a special category because they are really taken seriously is evidence of evil.