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Two Kingdoms

Ah, the difficulty of communicating unilaterally with electronic
symbols. Sorry for the confusion.
Should it be helpful in the future, I ask everyone to assume unless otherwise evident from the context that I ask questions and make statements as a brother in the Lord who is speaking to the people of God who are committed to his exclusive and pervasive authority.

I feel no leading to analyze the problems of those outside His
kingdom, advise them on how to live in the kingdoms of the world, solve their problems, answer the questions they have which seek answers from within those kingdoms using words as they are defined within those kingdoms.

The calling I feel is to demonstrate by all my thoughts, feelings, and
actions that I have entered a better, alternative Kingdom; to invite and encourage every man or woman who learns of me to join me in this better Kingdom; and to seek wisdom with all others within this Kingdom so that we may know better how we should think, feel, and act.

So long as others choose to remain in their natural kingdom, I am willing to leave them to all their counselors, lawyers, social workers, judges, advisers, consultants, and guardians, who are all presumably committed to the same counterfeit lords. Those within those systems understand them better, and how to "survive" in them, than I have any desire to learn.

For me, they represent the adversary ("satan"), to whom those who choose to ignore or leave the Kingdom of Heaven are turned over.

Frankly, I am amazed at times with the worldly wisdom demonstrated within those kingdoms. Those who choose to remain within them would be foolish to seek my advice. It does seem often
that the children of darkness are wiser in their kingdoms than the children of light are in theirs. (Excuse me for meandering so far down this trail.)

Yes, I agree that "the definition may be different from mind to mind and state to state but to is the same."

My desire is to better learn with you what God's definitions are, and to think, speak, write, type, and act accordingly.