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Names & Addresses

Recent readings have reminded me that labels, names, addresses are all assigned to subjects by an authority over the subject named, and are always subject to change.

Manufacturers give names to their products. Think of the many products you ask for by name at the store. The names are given by those who make the product.

Mothers and fathers give names to their children. The Creator assigned Adam as his steward to give names to the animals. Yahweh assigns new names to people when he chooses to do so.

Email addresses do not identify a terminal where a message may be read, nor do they identify the mind reading the message. They identify the label or routing code assigned by the vendor offering the service. We have all received notices that a friend's new address is @yahoo, @hotmail, etc. even when the same terminal and reader are involved. It is possible to have several email addresses on the same terminal, as is the case on the one from which this message originates. Each address simply identifies which vendor has authority and responsibility for the transmission of a message.

Houses and other buildings can also have multiple addresses, varying according to the labeling scheme of the authority involved. The developer of a subdivision submits proposed street names to an authority overseeing the matter for its approval. Numbers on the streets are similarly assigned.  All those operating within the programs of those authorities will use the addresses assigned. Those who choose to act within another frame of reference or authority may assign other names or addresses. A house or a street may have several or many labels. It is common when traveling to learn that a way may have names as a County road, as a State highway, as a Federal highway, and possibly also as an Interstate highway. Renaming of routes is very common in detours. State Highway 69 may suddenly become Route 10 detour at the same time. Recent news reported that a city resolved the dispute regarding the renaming of an old city street in honor of Martin Luther King by posting both the old and the new street name signs. Those using the street can call it by either name and be correct.

A man may be known by different names to his mother, his brother, his wife, his son, his boss, his neighbor, his sheriff, and his helper. All may be correct, as determined by the relationship and the giver of the name.

A car may be known by its VIN number, by its registration plate code, as Jack's Chevy, as "the old red buggy", or as "my favorite car".

Why am I belaboring all this? Only to clarify in my own mind and suggest to those who have never considered it that a house location as well can be identified with different labels or addresses. The common ways can be identified with differing names. When I was young we spoke of School street, Church road, the Old Town road, Smith road, the Doon blacktop, etc. as descriptive names. Sometimes it was Grandpa's road, Aunt Minnie's road, etc. Later the streets in the small town were names as First, Second, Third Street etc. when free postal delivery was started. But the local names remained in use for a long time. Some are still used. Only recently did my sister, who lives many miles outside the town, learn that she had entered the modern world by getting a number and street "address".

As one who is comfortable using every opportunity to proclaim his identification with an authority and a kingdom differing from the mass culture, I am considering using a new "address" for the location where I spend much of my time. I do this as I also consider giving up the "free" delivery of mail through the postal system.

The new address which at present is foremost in my mind is "7 Yah Way".

Constructive reactions and comments regarding these concepts and this specific possibility will be appreciated.