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"You give from what you get be it cows, pigs, produce, grain or money."

I have little interest in exegeting the Old Testament references to
firstfruits. Nor to tithing. If everything we have is the Lord's, that is

But the quotation above reminded me of thoughts that have gone through my mind which might apply if others are interested in keeping the firstfruits tradition.

Men can tend cows, pigs, plants, trees, and fields. But they cannot produce (create) cows, pigs, tomatoes, apples, or wheat. Every such item is a testimony to the genius of its Creator. The Creator has an absolute right to require us to use these items as He pleases. If He should require a "return" of "firstfruits", so shall it be.

Men can work and engage in trade, but they cannot produce one item of "money" as the term is commonly used today. All such units are "created" under the authority of and by the "grace" of the monetary authority of a kingdom of the world. As creators of those units, authorities in those kingdoms have an absolute right to govern and restrict the use of that which they have created. Those who experience "gains, increase, income" as evidenced by a greater number of those units have the monetary authority to thank and to present a "return" if so required.

The man who has ten more cows than he did before should be aware of the maker of cows. The man who has ten more dollars or marks than he did before should be aware of the makers of dollars and marks. The tax authorities do not look to the man whose herds have increased in number unless they can establish that the "dollar value" of his assets has increased. (Another reason why the thought of "deflation" causes such panic.)