John Steward of Jesus
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I am aware that there are three categories of temples where I always feel like a foreigner or heretic--legal temples, medical temples, and financial temples.

I never go into any of them unless I feel compelled to do so, stay only so long as I feel such requirement, and only when I am confident that my Advocate has come with me.

Each of them has its own priesthood and high priestly caste. Most of them have outer courts, inner courts, and an inner chamber or holy of holies--the judge's inner chamber, the chamber where the knives are wielded, or the chamber with the thick steel door where the alleged treasure is stored. Admission to those chambers is only by special invitation and permission.

The oppression which I always feel in those environments reminds me how thankful I am to live in a realm where the veil has been rent, the priesthood has been enlarged, the temple mount is obsolete, the balm of Gilead flows freely, the lilies are beautiful, and the birds are fed.