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Birth Certificates

I don't claim to be any kind of expert in such matters. But I will make
some general observations which seem to me to apply to many situations.

 l. Regardless of what we may think, say, or do, the officers, secretaries, and other functionaries in the hospital will fill out the
papers as they think they are supposed to.  And they should. We'd expect the same of our servants.

2. We can never be required to sign anything. A forced signature means nothing, because it doesn't indicate consent, but coercion. We can be told what the implications or consequences are of not signing something.  Then we have a choice.

3. To the best of my knowledge, getting out of the hospital has never been a real problem for anyone who has not committed themselves, or been committed, for care as an incompetent. All one has to do is stand up and walk out. Parents or guardians can simply take their children or wards with them. There may be lots of warning and protest, but the hospitals are not yet prisons.