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Neighbor, Adversary, Enemy

Reading (J's) message confirmed for me my impression that my enemies are those who by basic commitment are opposed to that to which I am firmly committed. My enemies are those who deny that Jesus is the Christ, and are therefore opposed to the promotion of His gospel and kingdom.

The rabbis agreed that enemies are to be hated. Jesus taught us to love them.

My neighbor is anyone within my daily experience--those I see on the street, at the grocery store, in the car in the next traffic lane, in the same row on the airplane, at my workplace, in the restaurant, in the library, in the field, or at the campground.

My adversary is anyone who opposes something I wish to promote, whether it be an enemy or someone with an opposing view on the cutting of a tree or the digging of a ditch.

"If an enemy was at your door to kill you or your family would you fight back or watch it happen?" I assume we agree that we should do as we feel led by the Lord. If we feel led to "fight back", the more important question is, what do we believe are the more effective means of fighting back, carnal means or the weapons of the spirit? We will respond based on the convictions we have developed on the matter prior to the challenge.

"Conversely, if someone was in need whether a brother or some other, would you withhold from that one if you had the resources to help?" I found no evidence for withholding what be believe to be genuine help. We are to do good to all, especially those of the household of faith.

Let us all embrace every effort to bring us together in love for one another.