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The "Big" Things

It seems to me that a common mistake we all make is that, as we search for what we must do because of the light we have received, we are looking for a grand vision, a long-range plan, a ten-year goal, a dramatic change of circumstances.

Sometimes these are included in the results of enlightenment in our lives. But my experience and observation is that significant "big" things follow and are often the result of obedience in the little things which readily come to all of our minds when we honestly reflect on how we can be more loving to those who are necessarily already a part of our lives, whether spouses, parents, children, neighbors, relatives, fellow workers,supervisors, or those responsible to us. So much of the specific application in the scriptures of the gospel message speaks of these relationships.

If we honestly ask whether we are treating all these people the way we would want to be treated if the relationship were reversed, we usually must admit that our challenge is great enough. It is hardly a matter of "Is that it?", but rather, "All that?"

If faithfulness in these matters leads to a change in the "big" picture, it is probably further evidence that the one who is faithful in what has been put on him is entrusted with more.

Let us give thanks that more has not yet been placed on us.