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What is Inflation?

During the sleep which followed my previous musing, my subconscious reminded me that there is indeed double speak in the modern use of "inflation".

 The term is defined in my dictionary as "an increase in the volume of money and credit relative to available goods resulting in a substantial and continuing rise in the general price level". The heart of the definition is "an increase in the volume of money and credit".

But the modern gurus focus on the "resulting..." part of the definition.
When the great oracle of the secular economic inner sanctum speaks from time to time, his pronouncements usually include declarations whether inflation is under control or whether it is an imminent or long range threat. The statistical facts given to support his declarations are always data on prices rather than data on the supply of money or its recent increase.

The constant increase of the money supply, because of the creation of new dollars by those with the invested power to create apparent wealth, is a dismally predictable pattern. But it seems to be assumed that it is irrelevant to the "inflation" problem. So long as prices are not rising, inflation is "under control". Only when prices rise is inflation seen as a threat. Thus the blame is shifted to those who "raise" prices. They are seen as price gougers who take advantage of situations and plunder the workers.

Those responsible for the source of the problem may even join the chorus chanting curses on the alleged villains who are raising prices.

Such are the convoluted scenarios which develop when hearts are turned away from truth.

As one of my departed friends used to say, you have to go to school a long time to get to be that dumb.