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What They Say

October 29, 1981

Many times tax collectors have said
that government growth is good,
that people should not have more money,
but pay higher taxes instead.

Many times governors say
that a crisis of needs has appeared,
that people should not help their neighbors,
but the government ought to instead.

Many times legislators have said
that nobody knows what is right,
that people should not obey laws from the past,
but routinely learn new laws instead.

Many times rulers have said
that weapons are threats to our safety,
that people should not guard their houses,
but depend on policemen instead.

Many times warriors have said
that a foe will soon make an attack,
that people should not trade in friendship,
but learn to be warriors instead.

Many times planners have said
that production is very complex,
that people should not produce freely,
but submit to the planners instead.

Many times regulators have said
that a free market makes trade chaotic,
that people should not exchange goods when they choose, but obey regulations instead.

Many times union leaders have said
that the workers are weak and exposed,
that people would not bargain freely,
but have wage laws and contracts instead.

Many times inspectors have said
that consumers don’t learn from mistakes,
that people should not trust their senses,
but those of inspectors instead.

Many times insurors have said
that the risks of life are too great,
that people should not save for sudden expense,
but buy full insurance instead.

Many times accountants have said
that arithmetic baffles the mind,
that people should not add or multiply numbers,
but ask the accountants instead.

Many times bankers have said
that money is quite esoteric,
that people should not understand it,
but trust bankers’ wisdom instead.

Many times central bankers have said
that gold is a barbaric relic,
that people should not have real wealth of their own,
but own banking units instead.

Many times lenders have said
that savings cannot be preserved,
that people should not save for what they will buy,
but borrow from lenders instead.

Many times realtors have said
that exchanges of land are most risky,
that people should not make transactions,
but hire the realtors instead.

Many times brokers have said
that the source of their knowledge is secret,
that people should not study markets,
but hot tips of brokers instead.

Many times consultants have said
that thinking is usually bad,
that people should not make decisions,
but rely on consultants instead.

Many times attorneys have said
that speech is a specialized skill,
that people should not talk to others,
but send an attorney instead.

Many times judges have said
that laws are very obscure,
that people should not read the statutes,
but obey judges’ rulings instead.

Many times priests have said
that religion is very mysterious,
that people should not read the scriptures,
but follow the priests instead.

Many times doctors have said
that health is very elusive,
that people should not learn nutrition,
but obey doctors’ orders instead.

Many times publishers say
that what has been said should be read,
that people should not pray for wisdom,
but read printed sayings instead.

Many times teachers have said
that they must teach what has been said,
that people should not teach their children,
but give them to teachers instead.
Many times, when they learn and accept what is said,
children of strong, wise, and prosperous freemen
get to be poor, weak, and ignorant slaves.

Many times the Deceiver has said
that people have never found truth,
that those who are slaves should not seek it,
but eat, drink, and feel good instead.

Many times children of slaves
will become men and women of fame,
when they’re freed by The Truth, who exposes the error
of that which is said many times.

Other times children of freemen
decline to accept what is said,
but believe in The Truth and rely on his strength,
thus preserving their freedom instead.

Many times when slaves have been freed
and no longer heed that which is said,
those who were telling men what they should do,
ask how they can serve them instead.

The happiest doctors and teachers,
and rulers and realtors as well,
are not those who like to tell slaves what to do,
but those who serve freemen instead.

May The Truth send his Spirit of power and love
to overcome weakness and greed,
lest our children, who now study what has been said,
lose their freedom by thinking like slaves.