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Essence of Skunk

October 8, 1981

The perfumers of Roseland were known throughout Peaceful Kingdom for their skills, and the people of Roseland were recognized throughout the kingdom by their wonderful fragrance.

The famous people of Roseland were proud of their heritage. They bought and used more fine perfumes than all other people in Peaceful Kingdom.

A skunk trapper from Nobleland who sold Essence of Skunk perfume said that his perfume was stronger and better. But the people in Peaceful Kingdom would not buy his skunk perfume.

The skunk trapper persuaded the king to protect the people by making laws regulating the making of perfume.

The skunk trapperís son became chief regulator. His research team discovered that one millionth part of skunk essence would overcome all other fragrances, and would stimulate the sense of smell among the people. For these reasons, a small part of skunk essence was required in all perfumes.

Soon all those who wished to please the king were recognized by their smell. As the senses of the people were dulled, those who sought the kingís favors used stronger Essence of Skunk perfumes.

The skunk trapper became wealthy. His Research Foundation discovered that the use of skunk perfume had brought great benefits to Peaceful Kingdom. Daily use was required of all the people.

Peaceful Kingdom became known all over the world for its smell.

One day a peasant from Roseland was tried for refusing to use Essence of Skunk perfume. He said that he would rather smell the roses remaining in the far back corner of his farm.

The peasantís plea was rejected as frivolous and inconsistent, because he admitted breathing the skunk scented air of the kingdom.