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Financial Institutions

February 28, 1985

The occupations which grow in a community always reveal the values of the people who live there.

Productive tradesmen and servicemen flourish where people admire service and industry. Gamblers, prostitutes, and assassins increase where people practice greed, lust, and hatred.

Financial institutions also reveal the character of their customers.

Honest money and honest clearing-houses develop where people desire honest trading.

Fractional-reserve, monetized-debt institutions develop where people desire the goals they promote:
(1) Borrowing created credit for business expansion or personal pleasure;
(2) Speculating on future prices as measured in fluctuating monetary units;
(3) Accumulating enough financial credit to insure peace of mind, retirement from work, and pleasures as desired during one’s remaining years;
(4) Lending with a charge for usury.

Casino operators and their customers share the responsibility for the evils they cause. Dishonest financial institutions and their customers also share the responsibility for the plunder and pain which they cause.

May God forgive us. He will, if we repent.