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February 25, 1982

It seems increasingly likely that we are moving toward economic events which will be more awesome than we can imagine.

But this should not make us afraid. God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and self-discipline. (II Timothy 1:7)

God has placed us on some of the best land on earth, among some of the most productive people on earth. If we serve God and are careful not to become enslaved to the money powers, we will continue to be among the most secure people on earth.

In that spirit of love and self-discipline, we should practice or relearn our skills in self-reliance. If each family cultivates a garden, we will have enough fruits and vegetables. Canning and preserving foods will keep us through our cold winters. (Even cabin fever is better than cabin fasting!) We should have and know how to use equipment for cutting and preserving meats. We can learn again how to produce for ourselves the wonderful variety of milk products. Small poultry coops will reappear. We will rediscover the pleasures of
grinding, and making food from, locally grown grains. We are richer than we know.

When artificial structures collapse, people return to the sources of life. We are in the middle of those sources. We must remember how to use them.

Others may try to buy our heritage for a bowl of soup, or a ration of cheese.

Letís remember how to make soup for ourselves. Then we can preserve our heritage for our children.

If we forget, our children will not have a heritage. We will have sold it for soup.