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To Officials Interfering

February 2, 1990

To any officials or agents who are interfering with my liberty or considering such action:

1.    Only if there is alleged evidence that I have caused harm or damage can anyone lawfully take me into any court.

2.    If you believe that you have authority and jurisdiction over me, please tell me what is the alleged basis for this authority and jurisdiction.

3.    If you intend to compel my presence in a court, it may be necessary for you to arrest me and take me there. I will not appear voluntarily if I believe that you have no jurisdiction. Furthermore, it is only when I am arrested that I can claim my Lord's promise that I will be given what to say (if anything), because the Spirit will speak through me.

4.    If you arrest me with force, I will follow the example of my Lord, Jesus Christ, who offered no resistance. I do not carry or use physical weapons of any kind. I desire to be gentle and peace-loving.

5.    If you decide to compel my presence in court and prefer to avoid the cost and inconvenience of detaining me in jail, I may consider an agreement to be at home at the time you intend to arrest me and take me by force. My word would bind my conscience. My Lord tells me to let my "yes” be "yes“ and my “no,” “no.”

6.    If you compel me to appear in court, I may be silent. No attorney may speak for me. I will not make motions unless jurisdiction is established to my satisfaction. If jurisdiction is not established, you can dismiss the matter on your own initiative.

7.    Though I am competent in matters of common knowledge and experience, I claim no general knowledge or experience in legal codes and rules of procedure created by human political governments. I may not be competent in such matters without the assistance of competent and effective counsel.

8.    In making these statements, I am not questioning the propriety of your actions toward others who have voluntarily entered your jurisdiction. In an effort to promote peace and understanding, I am only calling your attention to my belief that my status is different from that of many others who come to your attention. You have more than enough legitimate cases to keep you busy. It will be better for all of us to avoid those which are not legitimate.

9.    I love you. If you have become a citizen of the Kingdom of God through faith in Jesus Christ, I embrace you as my brother or sister. If you have not, I extend to you God’s invitation to become a member through faith in Jesus Christ, the risen Lord. May God bless you.